5 Proven Ways to Make Your Cross-Country Move Easier

If you’re planning to move across the country, you might be racking your brain thinking of all the things you have to get done. While this task will undoubtedly take a lot of work, there are certain things you can do to make it easier. The tips below are some of the best, along with advice that you can follow to avoid roadblocks along the way. Whether your move is around the corner or you still have a while left, it’s never too late to get started with preparation.

1. Hire Movers

You will never regret hiring movers to haul your things across the country. Not only do movers come equipped with a large moving truck, but they also take care of the driving. In addition to this, movers will pack the back of the truck so that everything is strategically placed. With their help, you can reduce your stress, avoid making a long road trip, and have peace of mind knowing that your things are being moved as safely as possible.

2. Lighten the Load

Whether you’re hiring movers (which is recommended) or driving a truck yourself, you’ll want to minimize the number of things you’re taking with. According to cheapmoverskansascity.com, the biggest reason to reduce your load is the cost. Smaller loads are not only lighter, but they also take up less space, which means they are more affordable to move. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars by getting rid of heavy or large items that you simply don’t need or want.

Tip: Sell anything you can and put that cash toward moving expenses. For everything else, donate to charity or toss it before moving day.

3. Transport Your Car

Car transportation companies will pick up your car (along with many others) and drive it to your end destination. While this will mean you won’t have your car for a couple of weeks, it does save you a long trip driving on your own. Most companies offer this service for a pretty affordable price and make pick up and drop off easy.

Tip: If your car won’t arrive by the time you get to your destination, consider borrowing a car or getting a rental.

4. Make Plans Ahead of Time

If you’re hiring movers, then it’s important to know when they are coming, how long it will take to load the truck, and when they will leave. Schedule your own departure for the next day, just in case something happens and loading the truck takes more time than anticipated. It’s also important to schedule delivery of your car or belongings for a day and time that you’ll be readily available.

Tip: Check road conditions and weather ahead of time to identify any issues that might be present on moving day.

5. Have a Destination Ready

When planning out your move, you must have a destination for your belongings to arrive to. If this is an apartment building, then make sure you speak with the landlord about special insurance or moving times. If you’re moving things to a storage unit, you’ll also want to check their hours open ahead of time. If moving to a home, try to do it during the week to avoid holding up weekend traffic.

Making Your Move Simple

A long-distance move can make you think twice about going through with this life decision. However, with planning and the right knowledge, you can get through the process just fine. You may even be able to avoid roadblocks that would otherwise cost you both time and money.

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The Tips and Tools You Need to Know About When Moving Your Piano

If you own a piano, then you’re probably going to want to take it with you when you move to a new home instead of leaving it behind. An option would be to put it in storage, but you would need to move it from the storage unit to your new home at a later time.

It would be easier and less effort to use a few tips and tools to move your piano one time so that you can play beautiful music once it’s set up in your new house.


Since a piano is often heavier or about as heavy as appliances and furniture, you need to make sure that the weight of the piano and your other belongings are distributed equally.┬áThere is usually one end of a piano that is heavier than the other, which needs to be taken into consideration when you’re moving it onto the truck and when you’re arranging the instrument with all of your other belongings.┬áKeep in mind that the legs are very lightweight, making it a bit easier to topple over if not secured properly while it’s in transit.

Work Together

It’s going to take a few people to move your piano. It can be a job for three people if two hold the larger end with the keys, but four people moving the instrument would be ideal so that the weight is distributed evenly. For a job this big, it may be worth hiring some professionals.

Try to have someone on hand who can inform you about corners that you have to go around and other obstacles that you might have to navigate through in order to get the piano on and off the truck.

Wear Wise

When you’re moving a piano or any kind of furniture, you need to wear comfortable shoes that will give you the support that you need for lifting and carrying objects from one location to another during the day.

You also need to wear clothes that are comfortable and that allow for easy movements when you’re lifting or turning.

The Right Tools

There are a few items that will make moving a piano a bit easier than just lifting the instrument. Furniture straps can be used to make lifting the piano safer and easier than by lifting with only your hands.

Furniture dollies are an option to consider as well. They will make moving the piano from the home to the truck a bit less time-consuming. It also takes some strain off of your back and legs. If there’s a ramp on the moving truck, furniture dollies will make it easier to get the piano up the ramp instead of needing to lift the piano from the ground to the back of the truck.

If the legs come off the piano, then take them off so that you’re not trying to move the entire piece at one time. Once the piano is on the vehicle, cover it with a cloth to keep it from getting scratched.

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Professional Relocation Tips for Moving Into a Denver Apartment

Whether you are moving from out of state or just another part of Denver, moving into a new apartment is never easy. From packing your stuff to switching your utility accounts, your to-do list can sometimes seem never-ending.

Luckily, however, there are a few easy ways to make your big move run a little more smoothly, such as:

Have A Clear-Out

Before you move out of your old house or apartment, take the opportunity to have a clear-out. You can do this by throwing out old or broken items, selling your unwanted stuff online, or donating some things to charity.

Put simply, the more stuff you can get rid of, the less stuff you will need to move into your new apartment. If you need some assistance, you can even employ the help of a professional organizer.

Hire Professional Movers

Though you may be able to handle the packing and transportation of small items on your own, you may require some assistance with larger objects such as armoires, beds, and sofas. Professional apartment moving companies will have the equipment and manpower needed to pack up and move just about any item in your house.

Of course, your mover won’t just assist at your old home. They will also be able to unpack and set up your furniture in your new apartment – making the transition a breeze.

Change Your Address

With all of the excitement that surrounds a big move, it can be all too easy to forget to handle some of the administrative tasks that come with relocation. However, it is extremely important to change your address as soon as you possibly can. After all, you don’t want your documents and correspondence falling into the hands of strangers.

Large companies such as your bank and insurance company usually have fairly quick and straightforward procedures to update addresses.

You should also contact the Post Office directly to let them know about your change in address. Once you do, they will even give you some coupons and information to help make your move a little easier.

When Unpacking, Handle The Beds First

Having moved all of your stuff into your new apartment, you will want to begin the unpacking and setting-up process. Though it might seem like a good idea to start with the smaller jobs and work up to big things like re-assembling and making your bed, it may make more sense to handle the bed first.

Moving and unpacking can be an exhausting job, so by setting up your bed first, you are ensuring that you have a place to lay down, take a nap, or get a good night’s sleep when you get tired.

Though moving into a new apartment can certainly be a tiring and miserable job, it doesn’t have to be. By following the helpful tips and tricks outlined in this article, you will be able to make your big move to Denver a much smoother and more enjoyable experience.

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