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Started as a military fort to protect travelers and settlers, Fort Collins is now the fourth largest municipality in the state of Colorado. Locals call it the small town with a heart of gold, Money magazine has called it one of America’s best places to live, and many visitors eventually call it home. Business is booming in Fort Collins. Home to Hewlett Packard, Intel, Anheuser Busch, New Belgium Brewing, and a growing number of craft breweries including Odells.

Arts abound in the eclectic downtown area where old mixes with new creating an exciting experience. Contemporary art isn’t confined to museums and galleries, although we have those too. The community arts scene is active all year round. Visit the repurposed historic post office, Community Creative Center, Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, and the most diverse performing arts venue in Colorado, Lincoln Center.

The modern transit system, including Max Buses, help you get around town. And where will you go when you get around? Shopping, parks, museums, golf courses, and bike paths are laid out for you to enjoy the natural surroundings in Fort Collins.

Events you might enjoy in Fort Collins include the annual Peach Festival, Fort Collins Jazz Experience, Bohemian Nights celebrating the city’s birth, and the TriMedia film festival.

Why do people love Fort Collins?

Outdoor Playground

Hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, rock climbing or white-water rafting. Challenge your skills along the Poudre (pronounced like hooter, with a p), Colorado’s only nationally designated wild and scenic river. Or sit back and simply enjoy the fruits, or shall we say ‘hops,’ of the river at one of the areas local breweries.

Top-Rated Biker’s Paradise

An award-winning system with miles of bike lanes and trails that connect the city to the countryside. This is more than a form of recreation; it’s a source of alternative transportation designed to protect the area and a way of life. They even have a bike library where you can check out and check in to nature.

Picture Perfect Downtown

Where the old west meets the new and History marries the eclectic vibe of modern and unique small businesses, free outdoor venues and show-stopping winter lights.

Live Music

You won’t look far before you hear music filling the air. Music festivals scheduled throughout the year in addition to smaller venues bring the best, and the newest sounds right to your doorstep.

College Town

Colorado State University, with more than 30,000 students, bring energy and excitement to the town. The college started as an agricultural center in the 1800s and has grown to become a leader in sustainable technology and alternative energy sources.

Earth Matters

Fort Collins residents strive to protect all the natural beauty that surrounds them. It’s sort of a big deal. From backyard chickens to alternative transportation, solar energy, recycling programs and composting, we are doing our part for sustainability.

No matter your reason for moving to this beautiful slice of Colorado, Fort Collins Relo is your authoritative source for relocating to Denver and Fort Collins. Peruse our blog for everything you might need to know to plan and execute your move!

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